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24/7 Cranes & Rigging has been providing lifting services for New York City and the surrounding areas, since 2009. Our driver/operators are licensed and insured and have tremendous experience in this field. Additionally, we can now track their travel progress remotely and can advise their timely arrival on-site.


We will gladly provide emergency coverage, day and night, for anybody that needs help. For example, we recently removed a car that got stuck in the elevator shaft of a city parking garage at 2.30 AM. This ensured the elevator was back in operation for their early morning clientele. We have also provided assistance in righting overturned construction equipment on several job-sites.

We provide support to many people in a variety of industries and professions. The following is a list of some of the commercial activities that we undertake in providing lifting services but it is by no means limited to it. If you need help, you only need to call and ask for our assistance.

General Contractors / School Construction

We help supply the materials (and the removal) to where it is needed most on the job-site. This material includes, concrete, rebar, sheetrock, lumber, brick and block for masonry contractors, windows and steel beams.

HVAC Companies

We provide support with the installation and removal of HVAC units. Additionally, we can provide a flat-bed service for the transportation of these units to anywhere within the Tri-State area. We can also provide short-term storage for these units prior to installation.

Cranes / Mechanical Hoists / Scaffolding Companies

We can help with the transportation and set-up of Cranes & Mechanical Hoists. We also provide support to Scaffolding companies for the erection of scaffolding.

Steel Erectors

With the addition of our Manitex, Terex, Grove and Liebherr mobile cranes, we can now lift and help to set steel beams in position.

Energy / Utlility Companies

We provide assistance with the installation of transformers, generators and solar panels. We can help with the installation of pipes and water towers.

Arborists / Tree Service Companies

We provide support to Arborists with the removal or relocation of trees. This service can be crucial during inclement weather conditions where properties can sustain serious damage from fallen trees.


We can help with the location and delivery of fountains, fish ponds, statues and large rocks for your garden.

Commercial / Retail / Museums / Art Galleries

We provide assistance with the installation of windows, signage, awnings and walk in safes or vaults. We are available to assist Museums and Art Galleries with the location, positioning and  exhibition of artwork.

Residential Delivery Services

We help with the delivery and location of pianos, hot tubs, furniture, swimming pools, marble, granite, large appliances or any large object that needs to be lifted up or into a house, condo or co-op apartment.

Our capabilities are not limited to these activities listed above. If you have a lifting problem, please get in contact with us. You will find that we are polite, professional and helpful. We will do everything in our power to resolve the issue confronting you.

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